5 Hairstyles for short natural hair

5 Hairstyles for short natural hair

Your kinky hair is little bit difficult to manage or style? Well, sometimes, you just need some inspirations. And today, i’ve selected some hairstyles for short hair for you to try on your natural hair that are easy to make.

It will also requires some hair tools in order for you to achieve the perfect look. Some useful tools for natural hair include: – Detangling combs – Denman brush – Clips,Clamps and Claws – Hair ties and Bands

Now, let’s jump into the hairstyles for short hair because I know you cannot wait to try them out!

1- The Cornrows and Bun mix combination:

This hairdo is a mixed of simplicity and cuteness that you can wear everyday for work, church, school and anywhere you’re going. You will need to work on damp hair while using a gel so you hair can look less frizzy. Plus it takes less than 20 minutes to be accomplish!

2- The twist out and updo mix: This hairstyle requires a little more time and products as you will need a twisting butter or a gel to achieve the perfect twist out for the front. However, you gotta create this hairstyle on a moisturized hair. You should sprinkle with water, stretch it and use an hair pick for volume everyday to keep the puff style.

3- Two-Strand twists: Twisting your whole hair takes time, patience and love. So I recommend you try this hairstyle on a day you have enough time to section, moisturize and twist your hair. Because, it can take you the whole day! But it is a protective style worth trying as it protects your ends from wind, radical damages and dryness. Plus, it is convenient and can last you over a month! To keep it moisturized, you can use a light leave in conditioner every other day.

4- The classic lady low puff: To achieve this hairstyle you may need to hot comb your hair depending on how kinky and/or coily it is. But you have to use an heat protectant so the heat doesn’t damage your hair.  Still, using oil can help keep your hair shiny and healthy.

5- The twistout styled into a puff For short hair, it is one of the easiest and best hairstyles with low everyday manipulation. To achieve it, you basically need to moisturize and oil your hair a little bit and do the twists first. Then at the time to twist them out you can just put it in a bun. How easy!

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